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Liquid& Solid Filtration
Shijiazhuang Gezi Screen Mesh Co., ltd is one of the most professional air filtration material supplier, who is located in Hebei province China.
We' re specialized in various of filtration material for different filteration condition, main in normal& midium temperature needle felt, high temperature needle felt, needle felt after special finished treatment, filter cloth for filter press, filter bag with all available material for air and liquid and dust, nylon& polyester& stainless steel sieve mesh for flour milling, medicinal filtration and other filtration, canvas cloth, plastic cleaner the frame filter bag, screen printing mesh, etc.
Our filtration materials are widely uesed in power plant, cement, iron and steel smelting, waste incinaeration, chemical industry.
Our materials are being exported to United States, Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle& South America, all kinds of customers around the world.
Our mission is to provide you the quanlity material you' re finding, to service you best on payment item, shipping safe.   
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1. Filter mesh
We supply Polyester Filter Mesh, Nylon Filter Mesh and stainless steel screen mesh for flitering liquid, solid.
Flour sieve mesh: we have PA- XX, PA-  XXX, PET- XX, PET- XXX, PA- MF, PET- MF, PA- PDM, PET- PDM, GG series with nylon and polyester material, and also Stainless Steel Wire Mesh.
And we have accessories for flour machine, such as canvas cloth, plastic clean piece.
Others like filtering sand in water, we have nylon 18mesh count sieve, with 0.4 or 0.5mm thread dia, and also have twill weave mesh like 18* 24mesh count  for this application.
Our mesh can be also used in sea farming, tea bag, etc.
2. Woven filter cloth
Polyester( Multi filament, spun& monofilament yarn)
PP( Multi filament, spun& monofilament yarn)
Polyamide( Multi filament, spun& monofilament yarn)
Weaving way:
Plain, Twill, Satin, Double layer
Polyester filter cloth widely used in pharmaceutical, non- ferry melting, chemical industry, for the equipments of frame filter press, centrifuge filter, vacuum filter, etc.
The filter precision can reach less than 5 microns.
PP filter cloth main has PP stable filter cloth and PP monofilament. It posses the properties of acid- resistance, alkali- resistance, small specific gravity. 
Normal working temperature is 90 degree in maximum. They' re widely used in presision chemical, dye chemical, sugar, pharmaceutical, alumina
industrial, for the equipment of frame press filter, belt filter, blend belt filter, disc filter, drum filter, etc. The filtering precision can reach less than 1 micron.
Polyamide filter cloth is mainly used in chemical, coal mine, building materials, melting, industry, for the equipment in the strong alkali operating conditions,
such as frame press filter, disc filter, and centrifuge filter. The filtering precision can reach less than 5 microns.

The filter cloth application is in liquid/ solid separation and dust collection. It' s used in smelling works, chemical plants, sugar refining, dyestuff inductry, pharmacy,
food industry, etc.
For the factor that influence the life time of filter cloth, not only the abrasion, but also the erosion from filtrade.
As the filter cloth for industry, it must has:
Great solid particles arresting efficiency and long service time;
Higher and stable filtration velocity, less clopping up possibility than concentioanl;
Filter cake can be easily released, with great dimension stability and non- flexible.

3. Specially mention: filter cloth for filter press

Our cloth is acid resistance, alkali resistance, hydrolysis resistance, oxidation proof and midew proof,it can work at low teperature. Mainly used in 
chemical plants, construction materail plants, refine sugar industry, sewage treatment, etc.
We can produce customize size frame filter bags for all the users.


4. Liquid filter bag

We also can be produced as customize size, normal model is NO1, 2, 5 with filter precision of 1 5 25 75 100um.
Interface material for filter bag
We have galvanized steel, stainless steel, plstic ring.
And we seam the bag with seaming and ultasonic hot melting way.

5. The centrifuge bag


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