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Dust collecting material& Bags
Shijiazhuang Gezi Screen Mesh Co., ltd is one of the most professional air filtration material supplier, who is located in Hebei province China.
We' re specialized in various of filtration material for different filteration condition, main in normal& midium temperature needle felt, high temperature needle felt, needle felt after special finished treatment, filter cloth for filter press, filter bag with all available material for air and liquid and dust, nylon& polyester& stainless steel sieve mesh for flour milling, medicinal filtration and other filtration, canvas cloth, plastic cleaner the frame filter bag, screen printing mesh, etc.
Our filtration materials are widely uesed in power plant, cement, iron and steel smelting, waste incinaeration, chemical industry.
Our materials are being exported to United States, Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle& South America, all kinds of customers around the world.
Our mission is to provide you the quanlity material you' re finding, to service you best on payment item, shipping safe.   
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Material: PE, PP, acrylic
Temperature: not higher than 160elsius degree, 120 degree normally. The temperature resistance of PE is from 130- 150 degree; It' s the lowest temperature for PP material, and 140- 160 degree for acrylic normally.
Technology characteristic: 
Anti- acid, anti- alkali( medial), chemical resistance
Good anti- abrasion charactor
Laminated compound, grads conterchangeHigh filtration efficiency, long serve lifeHigh porosity, good air permeability
Main used in steel industry for iron smelting, casting and electric furnace dust collection, 
dealing with the exhaust in electrolytic aluminum fume, alumina transmission 
and non- ferrous smelting industries, ordinary dust removal and notmal- temperature exhaust treatment, 
for match of equipment for liquid filtration& separation like plate and frame filter press, filter centrifugal, cacuum suction filterm bag- type filter, etc.

Polyester needle felt is made from polyester fabric by needle punch, and treat with singeing, calendering stereotypes process.
This material has good friction resostamce, highporosity good twist resistance, good air permeability.
It' s a kind of widly used notmal temperature filter material.
PE felt has good anti- abrasion and price advantage.

PP needle felt has reasonable price and excellent hydrolysis resistant, anti- acid, anti- alkali, anti abration, and it' s main applied in the low temperature and high humid conditions.
Acrylic needle felt also has excellent hydrolysis resistant, anti- acid, anti- alkali, anti abration, reccomend maximum continous working tempreature is 125 degree, and maximum surge temperature is 150 degree.
It can be widely used in complexly chemical working condition, dust treatment and trcycling.
Our company can implement various functional processes according to the different requirements of working conditions, including water repelling, and oil preventing, PTFE immersing, coating and overlaminating, etc.
Material: PPS, Nomex, FMS, fiberglass, P84, PTFE, etc
Temperature: not lowerer than 160 Celsius degreeTechnology characteristic:strong acid resistance, good stability, high filtering efficiency
Main used in low- oxidizability garbage incenerator, metal melting, fly ash of steel plants, coal- fir boiler and chemical industry, collection of blast- furnace gas of kiln forehead, liln backend and steel works, high temperature exhaust of electric furnace, exhaust of refractory brick kiln and the coking exhaust in the industries of asphalt mixing, non- ferrous smelting, ceramics, glass and cement.
PPS needle felt can be used in temperature 190- 210, which is the best filter material for hydrolysis resistant, anti- acid, anti- alkali, but it' s not good at anti- oxidant, and applied in waste incenerator,
electric station boiler, industry boiler and so on. It' s widly used in sulfur- containing flue gas cleaning such as coal- fired power plant, coal- burning boilers industry, etc.
Nomex needle felt' s temperature can reach 204- 240, anti- acid, anti- alkali, high filtration blow speed, low presure drop, anti- break, and anti- abration, but it can be easily hydrolyzed in the condition of high temperature,
which mostly applied in pitch mix gas, blast furnace gas in steel factory, gas, tail gas of white char, kiln application, electric cooker high temperature gas, etc.
P84 needle felt can reach temperature 260- 300, it has good chemistry resistance, good air permeability, high filtration efficiency,. It most used in cement kiln, waste incinerator, coal burning boiler, concrete mixing waste incineration industry, etc.
PTFE needle felt has high molecular weiht, compund consisting wholly of coubon and fluorine, so it' s good anti- acid, anti- alkali, anti abration and wearing resistance, widely used in steel, power plant, waste incineration industry.
Aramid needle felt, long term operation temperature is 204 degree, instant 240 is fine, excellent anti- alki, anti- acid is in midal, aramid is a great material for treat 180- 220 gas, it widely applied in steel, cement, power plant, chemical industry, etc.
FMS compund needle felt, by adding the P84 multi lobar fiber and other high temperature resistant fiber on the cake side a greater filteration surface is acheved, minimizing the pressure drop and improving the efficiency, working temperature lower than 250, short time working temperature 270.
Fiberglass needle felt has temperature resistance of 240- 260, lower price compared with other high temperature fibers, and stable size, low shinkage rate, high intensity, but it is crisp, widely used in chemistry, steel factory, metallurge, cement, etc.
3. Needle felt after special finished treatment
Easy cleaning needle punched felt is a type of polyester which treated bu special process. It has smooth surface, so when dust collector reverse blowing the dust on the surface, it' s very easy to clean up, then it improve filtering efficiant of dust collector.
PTFE membrane needle puched felt is smooth and anti- chemistry, it can stop dusts go into inner, and surface filer can be realized.Compared with normal filer material, PTFE membrane felt has higher peel strength and air permeability, lower pressure drop, and efficiency prevents ultrafine dust measured in microns. Filtration efficiency is up to 99.99%.
Anti- static needle punched felt is applied in coal dust, chemical dust, high concentation flammable and explosive dust flue gas feltering. There' re 2 types of it, strip type and hybid.
Oil& water repellent needle punched felt is made based on polyester felt, treated by special waterproof process, it makes the felt has good oil& water resistance performance. It applied in heavy humidity, oily flue fas cleaning. It prevents better and not easy to wet bag. It extand the service life of filter bag.
4. Fiberglass compound needle puched felt, it main has fiberglass/ PPS, Fiberglass/ Aramid, fiberglass/ P84, fiberglass/ PTFE compund felt. Widly used in steel cement, coal fired power plant, casting, waste incineration, etc.
The filter bag is the key elements which determine the dust collecting efficiency and working temperature. Renewal of bags create major cost in maintaining bag house. So the lifetime of qualitified bag can last from one year to six years under condition of reasonable useage.
Four factors which affect the lifetime of filter bags:
Appropriate filter media selection
Reasonable structure design
Excellent sewing skill
Accurate usage


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