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Screen Printing Mesh

The most professional polyester screen printing mesh manufacturer in China.

Gezi silk screen printing screen mesh are made with low-elongation fabric polyester with plain weave designed to improve strength and allow for higher and faster tension stabilization in silk mesh screen. It’ s widely used in silk screen printing machines, t shirt silk screen printing, pcb, glass printing, textile printing, and ceramic printing, etc.
It has features of better durability in screen life and stretch ability, faster tensioning and stabilization in the frame, faster tension stabilization, higher tension levels, it can increased resistance to abrasion and harsh reclaiming chemicals, with high durability and best tensity etc.
Gezi mesh for screen printing imported weaving machine from Sulzer Ruti in Swiss and material from Japan. Our screen print mesh ( polyester filter cloth) have been approved by ISO9001:2008, and we’re proud of our strict production line and quality control. 
Our mesh polyester are ranged from 7T-165T with white and yellow color mainly as file, other special specification can be produce as require. And 16T-40mesh, 32T- 80mesh, 36T- 90mesh, 43T- 110mesh, 51T- 130mesh, 62T- 157mesh, 77T- 196mesh, 90T- 230mesh, 100T- 250mesh, 110T- 280mesh, 120T- 305mesh, 130T- 330mesh, 140T- 355mesh, 150T- 380mesh, 165T- 420mesh always sell good.
Width and length can be as customers required.


Quick details of polyester screen printing mesh

Quick details
Material 100% Polyester Length 30m 50m as nornal or customize size Printing on mesh edge Any printing content accoring to customers requirement
Origianl factory China Width 100cm, 115cm, 127cm, 145cm, 158cm, 165cm, 170cm, 180cm, 220cm, 260cm, 320cm, 360cm or as customize size Brand Name Gezi
Weave Type Plain weave Yarn type Monofilament Main data Aperture size, thread diameter, mesh count, tension, width, etc
Color Main in white and yellow Tension High Certificate ISO9001; SGS
Mesh Count 18mesh-420mesh Elongation Low Application Silk screen printing, filtration area 

Feasures of Gezi polyester printing mesh

Polyester has been used for screen printing replacing traditional silk screen printing methods. Polyester is famous in screen printing for its elastic memory and high tensile strength. It is also resistance to chemicals, abrasion heat and moisture. Experience has proved that Polyester screening mesh is durability with better uniformity and available at lower price. There' re several advantage of monofilament polyester mesh as below:

1. Very Good Dimensional Stability
2. Faster tensioning without damage to the threads
3. Higher tension threshold and breaking point
4. Improved registration due to stable tension
5. Superior stencil adhesion, resulting in less stencil breakdown on press, delivering longer print runs far beyond other conventional treated fabrics.Better resolution of fine details.
6. Improved wettability and optimum stencil surface
7. Safe under exposure with all emulsion types,Photopolymer,Dual-Cure,Diazo & Capillary Films
8. Holds finer details with no compromise in stencil durability.
9. Faster turnaround time from the screen room to the pressroom
10. Good diathermancy & High air permeability
11. Helps reduce ghost imaging.
12. Good anti-static properties & Good mechanical behavior.
13. Acid resistance & Alkali resistance
14. Hard wear & Long working life


Gezi normal items of polyester silk screen printing mesh

Gezi items of polyester printing mesh
Model Specification
Mesh count(mesh/inch) Thread Diameter(um) Mesh opening(um) Open Area(%) Thickness
Theoretic ink volume (cm3/m2)
7/1068 7 18 350 1068 56 693 389
12/578 12 30 250 578 48 495 239
15/443 15 38 200 443 47 340 160
18/357 18 45 180 357 44 306 134
21/319 21 54 140 319 48 238 114
32/221 32 80 80 221 53 136 73
39/168 39 99 80 168 45 136 62
43/145 43 110 80 145 41 136 56
59/109 59 150 55 109 42 94 40
62/95 62 155 64 95 34 109 37
77/71 77 195 55 71 31 94 29
80/73 80 200 48 73 35 82 29
90/60 90 230 48 60 28 82 23
120/42 120 305 34 42 29 58 17
150/28 150 380 34 28 16 58 9
165/25 165 420 31 25 16 53 8

More items details, please kindly download PDF FILE.

Packaging item

The normal package of the mesh is roll in plastic bag, and then rolls in plastic weaving bags or carton.
If the rolls are shipped by express or by air, we suggest not use the carton, it can save lots of volume and freight charge then.
In actual order, we' ll refer to your kind request on pakcages. Below images are normal package details of our mesh, just for your reference.

Flexible Samples Policy

We have very flexible samples policy to save cost for our clients, to reduce the block of beginning cooperation.

If the samples cost is not big, we can provide the samples free, normally it' s no problem for 1 square meter samples for each item.
For high price mesh, we can also discuss then for free sample, such as 150T, 165T.

For courier charge of samples shipping, our policy also is very flexible and reasonable.
The best way is to send the samples to your express account directly, such as TNT, Fedex, DHL, etc.

If you don' t have express account, you can pay for the shipping cost firstly, we can refund you courier charge in our formal order cooperation.

Payment method: Your payment Safe always comes first

We have very safe& flexible payment method way for you according to small or big orders.
You can pay by Westunion, Paypal, MoneyGram for small samples fee or small order payment, they' re efficient and economical.

For big amount payment, for safe consideration, we receive transfer with Alibaba- onetouch account or our Company Chinabank account.

Payment item: we follow the normal payment items as most of Chinese suppliers, as below items mainly:

1. 100T/ T for amount of below 8000USD. But for old customers, we can accept the No. 2 item as below.
2. 30T/ T in advance, balance before shipment for amount above 8000USD. 
3. 30T/ T in advance, balance against copy of B/ L  for amount above 8000USD.

Shipment item: most reasonable and suitable shipping solution according to customers orders.

1. For samples or small trial orders, we often delivery by all kinds of express, and we have the most competitve courier charge here, no any burden for your samples or trial order.

2. For midium or bulk order, we' ll ship by air, by land or by sea container, and we also have most advantage shipping cost based on several years cooperation forwarders.

In a word, we provide the best shipping way for your each order, no matter big or small order, our service is same, paying enough attention on your goods safe and shipping cost.
Our rule is not to get down all available extra cost to ensure the best service for you.

FAQ: our rule is customers demand always comes first!

1. How many days will we receive the goods since our payment arriving day?

Normally, we can finish order within in 3-15days, depending on orders volume,  for very big order, we' ll check for you accordingly then.

2. Can you ensure our payment safe?

Yes dear, all of our cooperation bank or service company is very formal ones in China, such as China bank, Alibaba.

3. How should we send inquiry?

The best way is to send email to us, because we can give you our detailed reply then. But other ways are all ok, such as Skype, phone, etc.

How to send inquiry or connect with us?

Welcome to send inquiry from our Contact page directly, or you can connect with below ways.
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We' ll reply your email or message within 12hours. 

We' re here for you.

Serious, Fast, Teamwork.


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