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Stainless steel printing mesh

Excepting Monofilament polyester screen printing mesh, Gezi also supply Stainless steel mesh for screen printing.

Stainless steel printing mesh

Domestic 316, 316L wire mesh yarn
Imported high strength 304 N, 304 HP steel mesh yarn

Weave: plain weave

Resistant acid, alkali and grinding, strong tension
1. High tension force, it is much higher than polyester printing mesh, and it has high stability
2. High precision, wire diameter and aperture opening fairly evenly, with low error rate,
the thickness is controllable and uniform
3. Low elongation under the high tension, the silk screen drawing is very small
4. High yield strength, no loss of elasticity because of deformation under high tension
5. High wear resistant, excellent wear-resisting performance of steel is far more than fiber
6. No static electricity, it preventing static electricity, to ensure the printing effect
7. Good resistance to hot melt, It is suitable for hot melt ink, which is special advantages of steel mesh, inherent wire mesh machinery can't be changed due to ultraviolet radiation intensity
8. Good solvent resistance, to prevent the damage of various solvents on screen, ensure the safety printing
9. Mesh shape precision, founder mesh standard, the filter value accurately, smooth surface, thin thickness, no joint silk knot, stable structure overprint precision
10. Breaking technology ensuring screen net section structure more stable, effective control of printing ink quantity, fabric structure performance is greatly increased, and it' s not easy to collapse and failure
11. Domestic material mesh price is very compeittive, within the scope of the quality requirements, the price is good; Imported material mesh quality is high level, it can be comparable to imported net, it has reasonable price, customers can choose as requirement.

Normal items of Gezi Stainless steel printing wire mesh details

Stainless steel wire cloth is suitable for printing products which can make printing plate directly with the curved surface, such as glass, ceramic, metal, plastic, rubber, printing circuit, etc. Especially suitable for use in harsh environments, multi-color overprint, batch printing, transfer printing, precision printing.
Especially suitable for: PCB circuit board printing, microelectronics (resistor, capacitor, inductor), photoelectric display(LCD), VFDS, PDP, LCD monitor, vacuum displays, solar cells, insulating oil, resistance welding oil, solder paste, membrane switch, meter dial, glass ceramics, panel panels, etc.


We can provide for you free sample for your checking according to the mesh price.
We can also accept small trial order, sample order from 1 square meter.

Why choose us?
1. We' re professional and experienced in wire mesh area for more than 20 years.
2. We can fufil your different request on mesh quality level, price, purchasing quantity, packages, etc.
3. We can print your LOGO as your requirement.
4. Due to the different material and production process, we can fufil your different level requirement of mesh, according to your actual need then.

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