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Stainless steel security window screen
Stainless steel security window screen is also called security mesh, safety net, bulletproof net, Guard against theft window screening. It is made of high quality stainless steel wire and the weaving type is plain weaving. By cutting ,flatting ,cleaning and then electrostatic powder coating, the mesh flat, best transmittance, same longitude and latitude curvature, better transmittance, anti-mosquito, anti insect. It is the safety protection first choice for anti-theft, bulletproof and home &office. Because it' a usually used for the doors and window ,we also call it as metal safety protection doors and windows net.
Stainless steel security window screen is is new on the market of high-end home, it' s suitable for assembly on the doors and Windowsvwhich is new high-end, it meets the needs of the high-end customers. It has the anti-insect effect and also plays the role of guard against theft, but it don' t affect beautiful.


Short details of Gezi stainless steel security screen

Genertal information of Gezi SS security window screen
Place of Origin China Material Stainless Steel 304, 304L, 316, 316L
Color white,blue,yellow Type Door & Window Screens
Wire diameter 0.35-1.5mm Mesh 10 to 16mesh
Weave type Plain weave security window screen Width 0.7m-1.8m
Certification ISO9001 &CE Packing Waterproof paper, wooden case
Applications Anti-theft screen, anti-mosquito screen Characteristic Anti-rot, wind through well, clean easily
Edge Locked edge, selvaged edge, non-selvaged, fold selvaged Length per piece 0.5m-35m

Detailed information

Material: Stainless steel 304, 304L, 316, 316L
Wire Diameter: 0.35-1.5mm
Mesh Size: 10*10,11*11,12*12,13*13,14*14,15*15,16*16 mesh
Width per piece: 0.2m-1.8m
Length per piece: 0.5m-35m ( or other customize size )
Nromal mesh panel size:
1200mmx2000mm   1200mm*2400mm
1000mmx2000mm   1000mm*2400mm
900mm*2000mm     900mm*2400mm
750mm*2000mm     750mm*2400mm


1) Antitheft stainless coating window screen has highly functioned of safety protection main for Bulletproof of government and institutions
2) Guard against theft- Office buildings, Villa, Housing estate
3) Anti-mosquito- Mountainous area, Wild, Outskirts
4) For residential or business district beautify

More than 900Mpa (900N) tensile strength
Very strong (not sliding)andexact square Holes and high Strength Wire
Not easy to cut and break pass AS5039-2008
Pass Knife test,  impact test,  Jemmy Attack test
Flattened and smooth screen surface
More than 10years Warranty pass AS2331.3.1-2001
Easy to be cleaned from inside
Easy to install;
High strength and toughness,  high temperature resistant, flame retardant
Anti-theft stainless coating window screen is anti- rust, high temperature resistant, anti-oxidation even in high temperature of 650 degrees
Security window screen has the invisible characteristic, people cannot see the guard against theft net outdoor, but they can see the outside scenery clearly indoor
The characteristics of the paint
1, Solid paint, not easy to fall off, not burst, not afraid of the sun.
2, Surface feels smooth, beautiful, fine, colour and lustre is full and bright.
3, Strong corrosion resistance, excellent skin insulation.
4, Friction resistance, can be repaired, maintenance convenient, easy to clean.
5, It has advantage of environmental protection, non-toxic, no radiation, prevent infiltration, the fight against and strong performance


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