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Screen printing on the screen performance

    Nylon, polyester mesh in a variety of performance better than the silk mesh, so we generally use in the production of these two mesh. Two are compared, nylon mesh back flexibility, through the ink, electrostatic, and therefore apply to a distinctive and beautiful printing products, the drawback is the acid less, the elongation is not suitable for high precision products. Polyester chemical resistance superior to the nylon mesh, low elongation, is an ideal material for precision image plates, but poor elasticity, suitable for high-precision printing. In addition, the excellent modern plastic screen printing inks solvent ink in the printing of plastic products should be preferred solvent resistance of polyester mesh. The downside is that printing is easy to produce static electricity, compared with the nylon mesh, wear resistance, and photosensitive materials, glue, ink and recovery speed somewhat less. The abrasion resistance of polyester mesh, combined with the light-sensitive film, through the ink and resilience are better than nylon, especially printing easy to generate static electricity, causing the ink brushed. In size less precision monochrome screen printing, as far as possible to use nylon mesh, polyester mesh should be chosen during multicolor overprint precision printing. Small stretch of stainless steel wire mesh, high strength, through the ink, the dimensional accuracy and stability. Apply to the circuit board and integrated circuits and other high-precision image printing. The downside is that the mesh done, restitution, poor flexibility, and expensive.

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