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The main screen mesh model representation

Chinese representation:


J: JIN-nylon
C: CAN- silk
Q: QUAN- full hank organization
B: BAN- half hank organization
P: PING- flat ground organization
F: FANG- basket weave

Sweden representation:

S- “ S” type silk screen mesh, with thin wire and big open area. Suitable for copy of art.
T- “T” type silk mesh screen, with thicker wire and smaller open area than S type,

suitable for making imagine that consisting of piece or line or text screen plate.
HD: “HD” type screens mesh, with the thickest wire, smallest open area, thickest wire

mesh, suitable for the plate that consisting of thick pattern imagine.

For example: 77T is 77 mesh count, T type mesh screen. 99HD is 99mesh count HD type screen


Japanese representation:

NP, SSP, SP is silk fabric, plaine weave, Multi-wire.
No NO66 - NO66 – S is nylon products plain weave, twill weave monofilament
No, NoS, TPM, TNP, TP said polyester products, plain weave
No, NoS, TPM is monofilament
TNP, TP is multi silk
TP is warf for monofilament, weft is silk
No is stainless steel wire mesh, plain weave.

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