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Weaving of screen mesh

    The screen printing mesh fabric on the market  has a variety of species, there are many different woven formal, but in terms of its weaving the main form of commercial printing, there are several.
    Corrugated weaving: woven in the form of one of the most common, this weaving form of tensile strength better, are more uniform. The disadvantage is that the mesh under the pressure of the ink board, the weft is easy to shift, resulting in images elongated. This form of woven screen mesh inkjet, due to the instability of its structure, product-volume is not easy too large, too large number of copies will result in printed materials before and after the error.

    Thickness of the braids style knitting: this weaving form of wire, its resistance to India rate greatly increased, to ensure the precision of the image of government policy and regulation to avoid scraping the ink plate pressure caused by the weft mobile style braids mesh screen significant increase in the printing ink film thickness increases.

    Semi-braids weave: This weave form of a combination of corrugated weave and braid-weaving form the advantages of this mesh is suitable for printing printed volume, but less demanding image precision printed products.

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