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Quality assurance of the screen material

     As a substrate of the screen printing - screen printing equipment, and its quality should be noted that the following aspects: screen to have a certain strength and abrasion resistance to ensure a good stretching and printing requirements and to meet the high-volume printing and screen version of the recycling and reuse.

    Cable wire mesh requirements bright and clean, even the size of the mesh, Founder, the density of the elongation and shrinkage lower PS version, to avoid mesh distortion or mesh blockage, and to facilitate the implementation of the printed version of the production and printing operations.

    Mesh have a chemical-resistant performance, a strong acid, alkali resistance and anti-aging properties, subject to a variety of solvents, inks, slurry should be reduced to a minimum, the film scrub convenient ticket printing The printed version of the image can be saved to warrant long-term storage of plates brittle scrap.

    Mesh to have a certain resilience, back to the elasticity can not be too large or too small, too large, printing is likely to cause the image to the edge of clear; squeegee board benefit India is too difficult. Reasonable flexibility should be based on the image size when printing the screen frame and the distance between the substrates, ink-water balance, ink, slurry station scheduling a variety of factors to determine.

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